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   Slingshot By Tobias - Race Car Dealer since 1999!    


Own, Maintain & Drive a Real Race Car! 

 New Slingshot Race Cars Sell for around $9,500 


Slingshot By Tobias Race Cars are the most competitive and most affordable!

The cars  are interchangable between juniors and AllStars with only a carburator change and a weight limit change!

* One car can provide awesome racing for a Father and Son who want to go racing on Saturday night!   See HAMLIN SPEEDWAY for Saturday night racing! *

Call S&S Speedways for more information on the new and used slingshots! 

570-420-5500 Extension #4 (Randy)


135+ slingshot race cars have been built and sold by S&S!

We stand behind our work and our word ... no games just "let's go racing"!

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